Inner West Delta (Startup)

Growing Your Referral Community

Cricket NSW, 161 Silverwater Road , Sydney Olympic Park

Who We Are

The New Chapter Startup Program is an incubator for creating new Chapters or as a waiting room for vacancies in existing Chapters.

We are working with aspirational business entrepreneurs who wish to develop a strong referral network focused on Sydney Inner West, to complement our other business groups who are thriving in the area.

Our New Chapter Startup Program is designed to work with quality entrepreneurs who see the long term value in having a strong support and referral network, based on the proven principles of BNI.

This program will attract businesses who wish to enlarge their networks with other quality professionals, specifically in the economic precinct of Sydney Inner West.

During the weekly sessions, you will receive coaching on how to improve your networking and pitching skills, as well as immerse yourself in building relationships with potential referral partners.

The Startup sessions should only be visited by those who have already visited a Showcase Chapter or a Discovery Session to understand the BNI Model – visitors can attend ONCE, before deciding if they wish to be part of the program.

For access to the weekly Discover BNI sessions, which are online every Wednesday at 4:00pm, you can register here –

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create the next vibrant, engaged and trusted community of business owners whose businesses wish to extend their reach into the markets encompassed within the Inner West Community.

Our Mission

To create an environment that educates and empowers participants to extend their referral networks, grow financially, personally and professionally, develop valuable relationships, and have fun doing it.


The person who made it all possible

Chapter Startup Sessions are suitable for those who either cannot find a vacancy in a suitable operational Chapter or wish to be a Foundation Member in creating their own Chapter community – attracting your own version of like-minded professionals from which to build your life-long business network of associates. If you are an active networker especially, then this can be a rewarding way to build a powerful, well connected network in the location and with the culture you enjoy!
Liza Garrido


Your future team mates

Pantelis Pertsoulis

PNE Plumbing Pty Ltd


0403 676 102


Jim's Building Inspections Darlinghurst

Property Inspection

0431 841 666


Tax App

Accounting - Business Services

0414 433 541


BEH Legal Services

Legal Services

0422 411 466


Tax On Tax Off

Accounting - Bookkeeping Service

0404 075 550

Spyro Ferizis

Olympic Electricals

Electrician - Residential

0422 473 610

John Piras

Sydney Finance Specialists Pty Ltd

Personal and General Insurance

0415 866 988

This could be YOU!


Shore Financial

Financial Adviser

0430 783 282

Michael Ristevski

McGrath Bankstown

Real Estate Agent - Residential

0414 374 370

Patty Zarrino


Cleaning Services - Commercial

0418 234 876

Rupert Sinniah

Budgie Creative

Websites / SEO Content

0424 715 192

David Haseldine

The Updated Investor Pty Ltd

Financial Planner

0404 483 622

Tharidha Muhandiramge

AT Digital

Digital Marketing Strategist

0447 613 750

Alexander Piras

Sydney Finance Specialists Pty Ltd

Asset Finance

0406 786 085

Chris Younan

McGrath Bankstown

Real Estate Agent

0449 822 064

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

This could be YOU!

of immediate priority

Financial Planner
General Insurer
Commercial/Asset Finance Broker
Property Valuer
Property Manager
Business Coach
Commercial Lawyer
HR Consultant
Graphic Designer
Social Media Consultant
Travel Agent
Promotional Products