New Chapter Startups

Who We Are

We attract motivated established businesses who wish to enlarge their networks with other quality professionals. This community gets to connect each week to 'seed' their future referral partnerships until they reach critical mass for a specific location.

The Chapter Startup Program is an incubator for creating new Chapters or as a waiting room for vacancies in existing Chapters.

During the weekly sessions, you will receive education and coaching on how to improve your networking and pitching skills, as well as immerse yourself in building relationships with potential referral partners. Commitment is for 3 months at a time and typically 3 months is the effective timeline to seed a new Chapter.

The Chapter Startup sessions should only be visited by those who have already visited a Showcase Chapter and/or a Discovery Session to understand the BNI Model. They should then attend ONE “New Chapter Opportunities” session ( to understand how new Chapters are created, before committing to be part of the process.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create vibrant, engaged and trusted communities of business owners whose businesses can enjoy the leveraging power of BNI through local, national and international markets.

Our Mission

To create an environment that educates and empowers participants to extend their referral networks, grow personally and professionally, develop valuable relationships, and have fun doing it.


The people who made it all possible

Bob Greenup
Liza Garrido
Chapter Startup Sessions are suitable for those who either cannot find a vacancy in a suitable operational Chapter or wish to be a Foundation Member in creating their own Chapter community – attracting your own version of like-minded professionals from which to build your life-long business network of associates. If you are an active networker especially, then this can be a rewarding way to build a powerful, well connected network in the location and with the culture you enjoy!

Chapter Locations

Growing the Sydney Network

Sydney CBD

Our Planned Chapters for CBD

Eastern Suburbs

Our Planned Chapters for Eastern Suburbs

Inner West

Our Planned Chapters for Inner West

South Sydney

Our Planned Chapters for South Sydney